Cloudmouth album is out

Today my band Cloudmouth is releasing our first album. We are a small band of only two humans, and we have put a lot of ourselves into this project. From the songs themselves, to the mixing and mastering, to the artwork, packaging, accompanying merch, also the various social platforms and website, promotional yadda yadda, setting […]

Drunk On Speed

In the interest of brevity, experimentation & curiosity, I have modified a number of songs from ‘Drunk On What I Am‘ to play as hyper-speed instrumental music snapshots. Part of the interest in this form of modification is seeing the song form play out at a greatly condensed length. Chord changes become more like brief […]

Nashville Modular Art Pods Show

I had the adventurous pleasure of participating in Nashville’s inaugural Modular Art Pods show this past February. The concept of the show is pretty unique, according to the MAPS website – “Modular Art Pods (MAPs) is an open-source collaborative art tunnel that attendees must crawl through. Each artist selects a 4′ cubed section and builds […]

Spontaneous Aahh

One of the great benefits of having some basic home recording knowledge is being able to quickly demo a song concept. Such was the case this Saturday afternoon when, as I was milling around the house making strange noises to myself (it happens often enough) a quick song concept flashed into my head. I fired […]

I am the color of fog today

the color of fog

Over the north bridge this morning- A grey crane on a half sunken barge, and I am the color of fog today. The barge, bloated with water, sprouts reeds from its center, & weeds stretch the corner. Up the shore crushed rocks ride the thermal of conveyer belts beyond horizon… In the bicentennial mall, at […]

‘Drunk On What I Am’ is released

Drunk on Cover

It has been a long time coming. Quite a long time. These recordings sat on hiatus for almost 3 years, as I focused on the adventure of self-employment and existence. A better part of 8 of the songs here were recorded & waiting, and returning to finish them was extremely gratifying. The last two songs […]