Cloudmouth album is out

Today my band Cloudmouth is releasing our first album. We are a small band of only two humans, and we have put a lot of ourselves into this project. From the songs themselves, to the mixing and mastering, to the artwork, packaging, accompanying merch, also the various social platforms and website, promotional yadda yadda, setting up shows to play the music for you. We are very happy to release this music, it is only the first of many.

Drunk On What I Am is a portrait in time. Conceived as an encapsulation of the Cloudmouth live set that developed in our first year playing together, the actual recording process was very direct. We set up in the room and played our songs together, start to finish, and caught the sound as it was meant to be experienced. Many of the songs are reinterpretations of songs from my last Kyle Numann album, and I chose to use the same name – ‘Drunk On What I Am’, because the central theme of self-examination remains.