‘Drunk On What I Am’ is released

Drunk on Cover

It has been a long time coming. Quite a long time. These recordings sat on hiatus for almost 3 years, as I focused on the adventure of self-employment and existence. A better part of 8 of the songs here were recorded & waiting, and returning to finish them was extremely gratifying. The last two songs to be recorded, incidentally the first and last track of the album, sat as half-formed offspring until the beginning of 2014, when I returned to writing and finishing the tracking for this album.

The combination songs (Am to F, A#, C to G and A to D) are the output of an experimental and sometimes collaborative recording & editing process, which takes a few hours to record and sometimes 10+ hours of meticulous editing and mixing. The results are very exiting to me and I hope to repeat this process soon.

I also inked a pretty meticulous illustration for the cover design of the album, and screen printed the cover as well as posters of the illustration scene. Over the next weeks I will be documenting some of the process that went into this work, as well.

Enough jibber jabber,

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