Nashville Modular Art Pods Show

I had the adventurous pleasure of participating in Nashville’s inaugural Modular Art Pods show this past February. The concept of the show is pretty unique, according to the MAPS website – “Modular Art Pods (MAPs) is an open-source collaborative art tunnel that attendees must crawl through. Each artist selects a 4′ cubed section and builds it.” There were over 30 artists in all, which led to quite a varied and rich experience.

You can watch a video-walkthrough of the event here, thanks to Tony Youngblood:

Kyle Numann Art Pods WallsMy pod was concieved as an immersive soundscape and sculptural-light environment. I built the two side walls as a layered abstracted forest scene, with recessed ambient lighting. The background of each scene was painted as a dark impressionistic field, one wall in red and the other blue.  Then I mounted and wired four speakers into the four corners of the walls, and linked them to a mini-amplifier. Through this setup I played a live performance of ambient electric guitar using a set of two looping pedals in parallel. This gave me the ability to set loops and cross-fade them seamlessly, over and over throughout the night.

The show was extremely successful, with hundreds of people making the crawl through the tunnel, and a line waiting over an hour at times for their turn to experience the show.

Art Pod Inside

The view inside the pod.


Finished pod outside, in my living room staging area.

Kyle Numann performing at the Modular Art Pods show

Me performing at the Modular Art Pods show.