Drunk On Speed

In the interest of brevity, experimentation & curiosity, I have modified a number of songs from ‘Drunk On What I Am‘ to play as hyper-speed instrumental music snapshots. Part of the interest in this form of modification is seeing the song form play out at a greatly condensed length. Chord changes become more like brief melodies, where song sections play out more like a chord change, and long melodic lines play out like speed-solos. Have a listen and see what you think.

The first track, ‘Nothing’, is a relatively downtempo fingerpicking ballad in its original form. Sped up, it plays out like a bluegrass jam-off in a mildly hallucinagenic disney universe. Hear the original here.

The second track, ‘Every Bone’ finds its hyper-speed incarnation sounding like the soundtrack for a western-inspired  Mario Bros drama film. Hear the original here.

The last track to hit warp speed, and my personal favorite, is the album’s closer ‘Drunk On What’. Originally a rough-edged folk-rock non-anthem, it transforms itself in double-speed into a celtic stomp-rock dance jam. You can listen to the original recording here.