Spontaneous Aahh

One of the great benefits of having some basic home recording knowledge is being able to quickly demo a song concept. Such was the case this Saturday afternoon when, as I was milling around the house making strange noises to myself (it happens often enough) a quick song concept flashed into my head.

I fired up Reaper (my multi-tracking program of choice) and did  a quick take of the ‘aahh’s. A little bit of quick editing to create the ‘aahh’ loop, and then I added some synth parts to create a structure. This was done to the internal metronome, to make it easier to slice & copy audio segments. After the form was laid out via synth line, I set about recording the drums. I’m still fairly clumsy on the drum kit, so I had to track the kick drum seperate from the rest. After that, a syncopated bass line helped to round out the vibe I had envisioned in that initial concept. One more track of synth to compliment the first, and stereo panned hard filled out the melody. Finally, I went through and fine-tuned levels for each section to acheive the back & forth between the synths and the ‘aahh’s.