I make music under my own name, as well as in the band Cloudmouth.

Cloudmouth plays many shows in the Nashville and surrounding area. I also play in the band Crack Mammoth.


“Kyle’s songcraft skips the mold completely. His songs get into your brain precisely because they are not familiar … complimented by the obvious musical chemistry between him and percussionist-extordinaire Amoretta Layne. Their apparent disregard for genre suits the music beautifully as they flow effortlessly from major key melodic perfection one moment, to flat out lysergic disabandon the next.” – Ben Lowry, Bang Ok Bang


Drunk On What I Am


Recorded in sessions from 2010-2014, this album is a mix of composed song forms and experimental sound combination projects. The songs were birthed out of personal introspection, heartache, toothache, doubt and longing and also strength, virtue, struggle and resolution. This recording features a small cast of friends and a large cast of formal and improvisational instruments including (but not limited to) Guitar, Accordion, Bass, Trumpet, Trombone, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin, Piano, Drums, Whiskey Barrel, Trash Can, Suitcase, Handlebars, Oven, Cabinets, Chains, & Lumber.

All recording & engineering and most playing by Kyle Numann.

Album is available as a digital download, with printable album artwork .pdf.

Check out the album on Bandcamp or read more on the blog.




Ukulalia is a collection of songs written on a bicycle journey down the west coast of the United States in 2008. I wanted to bring my guitar but with the tent, sleeping bag & other nessecities strapped on my bike rack, there just wasn’t space for a guitar. I knew I would go mad with no musical instrument for 1 1/2 months, so I bought a Lanikai Ukulele to carry along. The trip ended up being an incredibly fruitful setting for songwriting, and by the time I returned I had more than enough songs to record an album. The recording process was full of experimentation & ambitious attempts to play fairly unfarmiliar and unconventional instruments, and the result is a stimulating (though rough) sonic journey.

Ululele, Guitars, Keyboard, Trumpet, Trombone, Mellophone, Accordion, Bike Spokes, Harmonica, Silverware, Dishes, Bucket, Sword, Other assorted Sounds & Percussion, Vocals, Recording, Mixing, & Design by Kyle Numann

Check out the Album on Bandcamp


‘Drunk On What’ and instrumental ‘Dm’ played live at The End, Nashville TN

‘Equestrian Friends’ live at Cafe Coco, Nashville TN


‘Nothing’ live at The End, Nashville TN

‘Nothing’ from the album ‘Drunk On What I Am’ live on the porch