Drunk on Poster

Drunk On What I Am Illustration

Approaching the end of the recording process for ‘Drunk On What I Am‘, I started exploring ideas for the cover design. I wanted a sort of self-portrait, but also a symbolic and memorable setting. After experimenting with a number of concepts I chose the lake-sitting-skeleton-reflection concept to develop further.

Originally the sketches were an oversized, but regular-looking man sitting on the edge of a lake, with his skeleton reflected. As I started the full-sized sketch, however, I wanted to challenge myself to present the figure as being made of earth, eroded from the side of a cliff. As I continued work on the illustration, the layers of sediment and cliff faces I was rendering grew to have a symbolic meaning of their own… the enourmous compression of time, the distinct areas of intersection between geological ages… which gave gerater meaning to the final peice, in my mind.

Once the illustration was complete & digitised, I printed the design on poster sized cardstock. You can purchase a copy here.

Time lapse of illustration process for Drunk On What I Am artwork

Time lapse of illustration process for ‘Drunk On What I Am’ artwork.

Initial concept sketches for the illustration

The winning concept is given another sketch for further development